Vingan Residence

309 Benchmark Drive, Mountain Village, CO


Phase 1- 1/07 – 12/07:    Complete renovation of existing 6,700 sq.ft. home, all new woodwork (base, case, doors, custom closets,etc.), cabinetry, kitchen, baths, all floors, custom built bunk room by BWC, 4 large retrofitted trusses in great room, new coffered ceilings, reengineered and rebuilt main staircase, 3 new fireplaces, exposed steel structure and accents throughout.
Phase 2- 5/10- 11/10:   Complete exterior renovation, all siding, stone work, completely new steel & timber decks, new landscaping with custom exterior fireplace, walkways, flagstone patios, engineered retaining walls, new master deck & door added, custom spiral staircase.